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The Quality Spa with a Lifestyle Experience

Immerse yourself in the most indulgent and truly luxurious spa treatments within the breathtakingly beautiful environment of Body & Soul Day Spa + Med Spa.

Spa & Wellness

At the spa you’ll find pressurised water jets at different heights to target different parts of the body. Your neck, thighs, buttocks, calves… all your muscles can benefit from a relaxing massage that will help with flexibility.

Body Massage

 As well as all the benefits water can bring, our spa offers the option of body treatments such as massages, all done by professional therapists who can diagnose the source of pain, focus on it, and gradually reduce it in these sessions. 

Special Bath

In a spa, water is normally kept at a higher temperature (35-38ºC), helping your muscles and tendons relax and get your blood flow going through your whole body. When your circulation is better, tiredness and muscular pain will ebb away.

SPA是希腊语SOLUS PAR AQUA的缩写“在生活给人们所提供的范围内,充分发挥人的各种主要能力,使生活臻善臻美”–这是古老的希腊给幸福缩写的定义。 我们的团队ORI SPA.臻  希望通过我们的努力,提供的服务能让都市的疲惫,繁忙,压力在这里得到解压,释放,舒缓。我们有专业的按摩理疗师,美容师,医美护士医生,一线品牌的美容产品以及精油产品,温馨整洁的环境,极最先进的美容仪器,用我们的热情,专业,态度为您打造一个安心的信赖的场所。

Owner of Blanche


Treating you for More Comfort


Our team of experts offers quality treatments and services. From the traditional mani-pedi to awe-inspiring facials, our collection of services is irresistible.

we have provided our loyal customers with excellence in services. We appreciate your continued support and encouragement!


Frequently Asked Questions

Appointments can be booked by phone or online.

Phone: 905.474.5666

Please inform us at time of booking if you are planning to share time at the spa with a companion so we can endeavor to match your schedules accordingly.

Please advise us of relevant health conditions at the time of booking and when filling out your health form so that our Spa Care Experts can offer an experience tailored to your specific needs.

Booking two to three weeks in advance is recommended to secure your best choice of appointment dates and times.

ORI Spa welcomes youth 18 years of age and over when accompanied by a parent or guardian. Health information is required by law from all guests regardless of age. A parent must provide written permission for massage therapy for teens 13 to16 years of age and the parent must remain in the room during the massage service.

24-hour notice is required to cancel or reschedule à la carte services or Spa Retreats. Please understand that you will be charged 50% of each service price after 3 times cancel without the minimum notice.

Linda Dunes

ORI is amazing, she is very friendly and kind. The lady takes the time to answer all of your questions. She is very patient and professional. I felt very comfortable there. I have tried other place for laser hair removal but they do not work as she does. She is very clean and take the time to do all parts. l highly recommend royal touch spa.

Luna Madine

I heard about ORI Spa from a friend. It’s a very professional and clean spa. Also I feel super comfortable during my sessions and that’s something hard to find. I would highly recommend this place!.

Julie Amanda

I wouldn’t go to any other place! I also am obsessed with the collagen facial, all my pores are completely gone after and my face looks like glass skin after! Highly highly recommend!.